An Integrated Marine ERP - Benefits for the Shipping Industry

The shipping and logistics industry has a lot of complicated and intricate processes. The task of transporting goods and instructions from one country to another entailed many areas that must be properly managed. Everything must be carefully evaluated, from the documentation to the tracking of the delivery of the goods to the responsible person. In fact, the international shipping industry is far more than just moving goods from one country to another.

Shipping companies now provide not only traditional shipping services, but also online shipping, inbound inventory management, digital warehousing, and warehouse fulfillment. All of these aspects involve a plethora of complicated tasks and practices.

Marine ERP for Shipping Industry

These activities are minor contributions to the smooth operation of a shipping company’s overall process. To ensure that these tasks are completed successfully, the ERP system is used to manage all of the functions in a structured manner. An ERP software system facilitates in the strategic execution, planning, management, and operation of each shipping and logistics project. ERP for the Shipping Industry is a reliable and effective solution for managing and processing all shipping-related transactions and procedures on a single platform.

What is Marine ERP?

A Marine ERP centralized application helps in the smooth execution of significant business activities, including Finance Management, Procurement Management, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Management, Project Management, Crewing Management, Operations Management, Vessel Management, Customer relationship management and HRMS & Payroll Management under single platform. A Marine ERP system also includes company performance management, including features like planning, budgeting, analysis, prediction, and company’s financial reports and KPI’s.

Benefits of Marine Fleet Management ERP in the Shipping Industry

Marine ERP for Shipping Industry

The shipping industry necessarily involves approvals from various stakeholders as well as the submission of appropriate documents with the shipment. eVitalyst Marine ERP with customized modules can assist in generating documentation and approvals with a single click from the system after all records have been entered into the system. It is critical to keep track of all operations in the shipping industry so that every process can be streamlined at the appropriate time.

This industry encompasses a wide range of activities, from freight ownership to providing guides and information. All these services are manageable with an ERP for the shipping industry. It also aids in the maintenance of records for food and fuel provision for vessels owned or leased by the company.

Other systems can be easily integrated into eVitalyst Marine ERP application with necessary API documents and helps management to work on single application instead of multiple silos of applications with a holistic approach and a tailored change management strategy.

Centralized Management System

An eVitalyst Marine ERP system allows the shipping company to easily access regular updates and information for quick decision-making. It also improves interdepartmental communications either in the same location or different location. eVitalyst Marine ERP’s report and dashboard engine makes C-level executives and unit heads to view user-friendly, business intelligent dashboards, and customized interfaces that include all contacts along business lines.

Organized Business Processes

A customized eVitalyst Marine Fleet Management solution can assist in understanding the significance of all business actions and prioritizing operations at various levels. A shipping company can use such tools to unify all areas of business and procedures so that they can be tracked under single umbrella. Furthermore, by utilizing companies’ information, management can make strategic decisions quickly.

Better Time Management

Every marine engineering business entails a number of critical processes. When data is stored in multiple systems, even a simple task requires a significant amount of productive time to locate the relevant information. All these disparate systems are brought together by an ERP solution. It centralizes the database and combines data streams to improve team communication and collaboration. This prevents you from wasting valuable time and resources locating data when it is required. A shipping business may be enabled to handle the following with the convenience of automated working capital, and it allows key operations to run smoothly, such as accounting.

Shipping Sofware aka Marine ERP

Productivity Enhancement and Process Automation

A well-integrated shipping ERP will pre-schedule general workflows for each department and automate many of the day-to-day operations. It allows employees to spend less time on repetitive tasks by automating tasks such as creating proposals, filling out forms, generating quotes, creating reports, and performing calculations, ultimately improving overall productivity.

Pre-planned Vessel Maintenance

The durability of marine vessels frequently deteriorated over time. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, extends their life. They require fewer repairs and are more dependable, with a lower risk of catastrophic failure.

The eVitalyst Marine ERP software includes maintenance tracking tools for scheduling, managing, and monitoring maintenance activities. It enables you to plan, execute, and document marine vessel maintenance at the required intervals in order to reduce machinery downtime and improve efficiency.

Update to date Accurate Information

By concentrating on fast customer information updates and efficient order processing, eVitalyst Marine ERP software assists in the development of business profitability. It also aids in the organization of well-organized international shipments as well as the freight forwarding of sensitive, unprotected, or fragile commodities.

Customer Service with eVitalyst Commercial Management

An Marine ERP for the shipping business aids collaboration and communication with clients and partners, as well as providing access to best practices in the industry. It builds a positive relationship with customers and, as a result, enhances customer loyalty to the organization.

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